City of Oshawa 2024 Budget

 There are 13 Full time jobs and an additional trim crew consisting of crew 3 Temporary Labourers & 6 Students for Expansion of 3 In-House Trim Crews. We are still lean but this is a start! 


Facility Management Services 

PA-24-09 Lead Hand Facilities Management 

PA-24-10 Building Attendant Facilities Management


Roads Operations 

PA-24-18 Operator 4 Operations

Roads Operations

PA-24-19 Three Temporary Labourers and Six Students for Expansion of 3 In-House Trim Crews Operations

PA-24-23 Conversion of 4 Temporary Labourers to Full Time in the Central Business District Operations



PA-24-20 Conversion of Four Temporary Operator 1 to Full Time Loader/Operator 1 Operations



PA-24-22 Mechanic 2


PA-24-28 Pool Attendant Recreation Services


Capital Projects:

There are many capital projects including sidewalk replacement, new parks, facility upgrades etc so I invite you to look through that package as well. Here are some we quickly pulled:

11-0419 Stadium Membrane Replacement Civic Stadium 

11-0071 Roof Replacement – Harman Arena Harman Arena 

11-0451 Upgrade Interior Lighting – John Aker Northview John Aker Northview 12-0062 New Columbarium – Union Cemetery Union Cemetery

40-0070 Forestry Master Plan Various

50-0067 Bond/Simcoe Urban Square

50-0019 ATMP Trail Link 5 – Conlin E to Britannia E

50-0043 Rose Valley Community Park

50-0014 ATMP Trail Link 13 – Britannia to Pipeline

51-0116 Rotary Park Redevelopment

51-0150 Parks Condition Audits Various

51-0119 Conant Park Redevelopment Conant Park 

51-0148 Everglades Park Redevelopment Pompano Court 

51-0149 Parks Enhancement Program Various 

51-0138 Greenbriar Park Redevelopment