Joint Evaluation Committee Update

Attention Local 250 membership,

    We have an update on the Joint Job Evaluation process, the Local has reached tentative agreement. After a year-long process and with participation from the membership, management and committee we have concluded. We negotiated for several days and made a deal we feel is in the best interests of the membership as a whole. There is more information to come as we will be holding a ratification meeting next week so stay tuned. During the ratification meeting we will be giving an additional overview of the full process and how we got to this conclusion. Members will then be given a chance to review, ask questions and finally vote on the deal. 

Thank you for all your participation throughout this process. 

– CUPE 250 Executive

City of Oshawa 2024 Budget

 There are 13 Full time jobs and an additional trim crew consisting of crew 3 Temporary Labourers & 6 Students for Expansion of 3 In-House Trim Crews. We are still lean but this is a start! 


Facility Management Services 

PA-24-09 Lead Hand Facilities Management 

PA-24-10 Building Attendant Facilities Management


Roads Operations 

PA-24-18 Operator 4 Operations

Roads Operations

PA-24-19 Three Temporary Labourers and Six Students for Expansion of 3 In-House Trim Crews Operations

PA-24-23 Conversion of 4 Temporary Labourers to Full Time in the Central Business District Operations



PA-24-20 Conversion of Four Temporary Operator 1 to Full Time Loader/Operator 1 Operations



PA-24-22 Mechanic 2


PA-24-28 Pool Attendant Recreation Services


Capital Projects:

There are many capital projects including sidewalk replacement, new parks, facility upgrades etc so I invite you to look through that package as well. Here are some we quickly pulled:

11-0419 Stadium Membrane Replacement Civic Stadium 

11-0071 Roof Replacement – Harman Arena Harman Arena 

11-0451 Upgrade Interior Lighting – John Aker Northview John Aker Northview 12-0062 New Columbarium – Union Cemetery Union Cemetery

40-0070 Forestry Master Plan Various

50-0067 Bond/Simcoe Urban Square

50-0019 ATMP Trail Link 5 – Conlin E to Britannia E

50-0043 Rose Valley Community Park

50-0014 ATMP Trail Link 13 – Britannia to Pipeline

51-0116 Rotary Park Redevelopment

51-0150 Parks Condition Audits Various

51-0119 Conant Park Redevelopment Conant Park 

51-0148 Everglades Park Redevelopment Pompano Court 

51-0149 Parks Enhancement Program Various 

51-0138 Greenbriar Park Redevelopment